Mount type Description Price
METM25-4444 Metal Mount 25mm diameter$2700
METM25-44+FC44 Metal Mount with Faraday cup$2950
METM30-4444 Metal Mount 30mm diameter$3100
METM30-44+FC44 Metal Mount with Faraday cup$3350
METM12-4444 Metals in 3 x 12.5mm diameter Mounts$3200
MINM25-5353 Mineral Mount 25mm diameter$3400
MINM25-53+FC53 Mineral Mount with Faraday cup$3650
MINM30-5353 Mineral Mount 30mm diameter$3800
MINM30-53+FC53 Mineral Mount with Faraday cup$4050
REEM25-1515 Rare Earth Element Mount 25mm diameter$1100
REEM25-15+FC15 Rare Earth Element Mount with Faraday cup$1350
REEM30-1515 Rare Earth Element Mount 30mm diameter$1500
REEM30-15+FC15 Rare Earth Element Mount with Faraday cup$1750
REEM12-1515 Rare Earth Element Mount 12.5mm diameter$1600
+FCFaraday cup (built into the standard mount)$250
The Faraday cup price is in addition to the basic mount price. There will be no Faraday cup unless the +FC option is specified. The removable Faraday cup is not available in 12.5mm diameter mounts.
Labels will be provided on all mounts unless the NO LABEL option is selected. Labels will be direct images unless the MIRROR option is specified.
For custom items, e.g. special materials or mounts, prices will be given on request.
Prices are in Canadian dollars FOB Toronto, Canada. For clients who do not provide a courier account there will be a $50 shipping charge per order for orders outside of Canada. Shipping would normally be by XpressPost International.
Delivery will usually be 4 to 8 weeks after receipt of order. We will keep you posted on the status of your order.
Send orders and enquiries to:
Astimex Standards Ltd
72 Milicent Street
Toronto, Ontario M6H 1W4