B. Astimex 15 Rare Earth Phosphates

REEP25-15 and REEP12-15

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15 Rare Earth Phosphates Standard Mount REEM25-15
1. Yttrium phosphate YP5O14 6. Samarium phosphate SmP5O14 11. Holmium phosphate HoP5O14
2. Lanthanum phosphate LaP5O14 7. Europium phosphate EuP5O14 12. Erbium phosphate ErP5O14
3. Cerium phosphate CeP5O14 8. Gadolinium phosphate GdP5O14 13. Thulium phosphate TmP5O14
4. Praseodymium phosphate PrP5O14 9. Terbium phosphate TbP5O14 14. Ytterbium phosphate YbP5O14
5. Neodymium phosphate NdP5O14 10. Dysprosium phosphate DyP5O14 15. Lutetium phosphate LuP5O14
The Fifteen Rare Earth Phosphates are mounted in a 1" (25 mm) diameter x 6 mm high stainless steel disk, catalog identification REEP25-15.  The same items can be obtained in a half inch (12.5mm) diameter mount, catalog identification REEP12-15.